Customers & Merchants Join Dunzo’s Mascot Universe — The Duniverse!

As a platform built on and for delivery partners, merchants, and users, Dunzo’s creative philosophy has always been centered around its customers and merchants. The idea that #VarietyMakesUs is deeply embedded in Dunzo’s value system, and we have repeatedly emphasized this theme in many of our campaigns in the past. With the inception of the Duniverse, we are attempting to take a positive step towards creating a more inclusive, diverse, and colourful platform.

During the first stage of our brand communication, we at Dunzo put delivery partners at the heart of all our campaigns, led by our spirited mascots Dunya and Harri. Dunya and Harri who have undeniably become familiar faces across all of Dunzo’s channels and communication.

For the next phase, we have taken a conscious call to imbibe the spirit of the theme, #VarietyMakesUs, and dedicate this campaign to the characters that have contributed to Dunzo’s rise as a delivery service of choice. Though Dunzo is a logistics platform, the impact it is creating on our society is indelible and changing consumer behaviour with every order. From delivering Essentials during the lockdown to picking up medicines for senior citizens, with each order, we attempt to bridge the gap between consumers and merchants, cities, and citizens.

The inhabitants of this intricate ecosystem that Dunzo operates in are wonderfully diverse. We recognized the opportunity to blur the lines in society that keep sections of people apart and highlight a new ‘diverse’ normal. Capturing their vibrancy not only highlights the variety of partners, merchants, and customers on the platform, but also the limitless possibilities of the platform as well.

The conversation around inclusivity and representation is more relevant in the times we live in, and in this campaign, we aim to push that important conversation forward. We are inspired by the stories around us and we have attempted to incorporate some in this ever-expanding Duniverse of mascots!

The Duniverse comprises an eclectic mix of characters who bring with them their own traits and quirks. The Brand and Creative teams at Dunzo conceptualized six true blue Indian mascots, (2 partners, 2 merchants, and 2 customers) of varied demographics, gender identities, religious ideologies, harmoniously coexisting in this thriving ecosystem, a metaphor for India.

Meet the characters of Duniverse

Each character has been visualised and designed in a signature illustration style.

Dunya Dundekar — Fearless and feisty, this delivery partner from Pune will zoom to your door to bring your needs in a flash!

Harri U.P. — Nothing beats this Bangalore boy’s care for deliveries and his carefree dance moves!


Shelfali Aloowalia — Independent and efficient, running her grocery store “Kirana Firana” in Delhi is her form of shelf love!

Stewart Sodawala — Easy going and likable, this Parsi chef from Mumbai will win over your heart and your taste-buds!

Lana Doorjee — The medical student from Kohima with a side hustle likes to fill her day with productivity and positivity!

Asghar Ismile — Full of life and ever smiling, leave it to him to turn your frown upside down!

We hope you meet these characters along your journey with Dunzo and feel inspired to share your stories with us. The Duniverse will continue to expand as we reach more corners of the country and embrace characters with different shades and hues. We know this journey would not have been possible for us had we not had the support of these diverse stakeholders who all have different needs, but use one app to fulfill them all.

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