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We live in the age of convenience. In a world of vacuum cleaner bots and instant washer-dryers, Indians today are increasingly steering clear of day-to-day chores that take time and effort. Grocery shopping is no different. Particularly during the pandemic, owing to the fear of stepping out, ordering consumables online has turned from a luxury into a necessity.

Consumers are looking for a quick, safe, efficient, and trusted way to buy their groceries. As an everyday solution for everyday grocery needs, Dunzo is all set to launch its all-new delivery experience — Dunzo Daily.

The Dunzo Daily experience has been…

2020 was a tough year. Difficult enough that finding words has taken us a long time into 2021.

Three distinct memories come to mind when recapping the year.

First, was in mid-March, when overnight, Twitter & newspapers exploded with India shutting down its international borders to contain a virus that was halting one economy after another across the globe. That’s the last day in 2020 that we visited our quaint office in Indiranagar.

The whole country shut down in a matter of days, and for the first time since Dunzo started we saw one of our largest demand spikes but…

Dunzo recently released ads for its latest offering Dunzo Daily, starring Sunny Deol and Puneeth Rajkumar, highlighting the drama of online grocery delivery.

India’s leading quick commerce platform Dunzo, recently launched Dunzo Daily, its latest offering focusing on 19 min grocery delivery in the city. With Dunzo Daily gaining momentum across Bangalore, the brand has now released the third ad of its 360-degree marketing campaign. Mixing a dramatic role play with bouts of humor, one of the most loved television actors and a household name, Sunil Grover displays his rib-tickling ability to get into a character and mimics Shahrukh Khan’s…

Father’s Day

“The covid lockdown period also incidentally coincided with my fatherhood. I was blessed with a baby boy a couple of weeks before the lockdown was officially announced and while admittedly, I was worried about the health of my family, working from home allowed me to spend so much more time with my son than I would have otherwise. Since the day he was born, I have been able to be with him pretty much round the clock. I believe the last year in particular has made me a lot more empathetic. To be able to understand the needs of a…

The Dunzo Mascot Universe (From left — Dunya, Shefali, Chef Stewart, Careline, Jusmeet, Asghar, Lana, Harri)

Pride isn’t a color or a flavor of the month. It isn’t the latest trend or showing the world you’re ‘woke’. It’s about representation and not just for the moment, but something that is an innate part of our value system and beliefs. At Dunzo, we have always strived to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

As a three-sided platform, we have always been conscious of representing the different voices in our community. Our ethos reflects the people we work with on an everyday basis and we strongly believe #VarietyMakesUs.

We know it’s not easy adjusting to this new way of working but we’ve got some tips to help you get time back and foster a more balanced and productive work life.

  1. Use communication tools: Remember the goal is to reduce meetings, not collaboration. We want to spend this time thinking deeply about our work. Use your Slack, Hangouts, and WhatsApp channels to connect with colleagues and address questions that come up as you work. Build a rapport with your colleagues and respect their time by preparing the right documentation. …

As we continue to work remotely, we need to become more conscious about our time and not get overwhelmed by our professional and personal obligations. We’re all learning to cope with the second wave in our individual capacities as we juggle a lot more than we’re used to. While we may not be able to control everything going on, we at Dunzo want to help by giving everyone back more time, as well as create a culture of more balanced and productive work life.

Initiating “no meeting” Fridays is a small step in that direction. It’s a chance for us…

The current wave of the COVID — 19 pandemic has left a long-lasting impact on society and our ecosystem whether it’s Delivery Partners, Merchants, Users, or the Dunzo team. With cities across the country going into lockdown, continued and timely access to medicines and essentials is the need of the hour. For companies such as Dunzo and many others, Delivery Partners and Merchants have been the lifeline to ensure essential commodities were accessible.

The safety of partners and merchants has been of the utmost importance, and ever since the first wave of COVID, we’ve put into motion numerous safety and…

Grieving the loss of a family member and being the only caregiver in the household, Sunanda reached out to Dunzo about her personal struggle in trying to get essentials under the new curfew guidelines. With only a small window to purchase groceries, she ordered her groceries from her usual corner store and placed a pickup order through Dunzo. On receiving the order, the Dunzo delivery partner notified her that he was unable to get some of the items on the list as they were no longer available at the store she ordered from. The final straw in her already challenging…

The Queen of Puns

Vaidehi Murthy

I have tread both paths — the conventional & the so-called “unconventional” and I think these experiences have pretty much helped me develop what I call “the tilted perspective”. Having studied engineering, I worked as a Software engineer for 5 years at the start of my career. I did the usual “on sites” overseas on behalf of the IT company I was working for and I began feeling as though I’m increasingly conforming to the stereotype. I quit as a result and landed up in Ladakh, volunteering to teach English & Physics in a school. This was back in 2012…


The only delivery app you need. Available 24/7. All outlets in your city now deliver through Dunzo. Getting it Dun across India’s Top 8 cities!

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